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Jake stand infront of a group of seated people, he is giving a speech.

Jake’s Kickstart speech

Name: Jake

Kickstart with: Youth Hub Devon and Learn Devon

Jake’s speech:

Hi I’m Jake and here is how I found the kickstart course.

My role in my team is I do daily tasks in the morning before setting up the laptop and opening the doors.

The daily tasks that I do in my job role/team role is I check if the building is tidy before opening the doors, check the fridge to see if any out-of-date or left-over food is in the fridge, check the office phone in the one-to-one room to make sure it’s working. I check if the workstations have hand sanitisers on their workplace tables. My role is a Youth Hub Assistant, so I help my colleagues by doing the admin side of the Youth Hub work. I sort out the Referrals and enquiry’s that get given from the young person from jobcentre and I put their regular information onto our team’s page under referrals and enquiry’s. Here is what my other colleges do at the Youth Hub: Debbie, Rhian, Sue, Suzanne, Tom, Jake, we work for Devon County Council. Rosie and Harry work for the Exeter City Council Dean is a Work coach for the Jobcentre Charlotte is a Youth Employment Coach.

From the Kickstart programme I have found out a lot more about Devon County Council than I thought I originally would do. The 2 main things I enjoyed from the kickstart sessions was finding out about the population in the UK with percentage’s with males and females and interview skills. Where in interview skills we were in pairs and asked questions that the employers would normally ask in an actual interview, and Kate liked one of my answers I gave her for one of the questions she asked me. The question was how would you deal with a difficult situation in a work place, and my answer was when I was at Exeter City Football club as a match day steward, there was a fan who was having a heart attack and I couldn’t get hold of my manager stewards because they was dealing with another situation, so I could see what was happening to the fan so I went to the 4th official by the players tunnel and told him to ask the referee to get the match to stop. Then I radioed the ambulance and helped the ambulance people get the man into the ambulance and got him to safety, and the outcome was the man was feeling ok and was back at the football club again.

I think I will benefit from the kickstart by hopefully finding a job in IT Admin as an option

I would also like to say thank you for everyone who has helped along the way in my kickstart programme.

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